Kotodama Discord Server information

We've kept this Discord server pretty low-key, to slowly and organically build it up. Note that this Discord is run by two of us, and we have the same general rules and attitude as we moderate these forums (be inclusive; be respectful; be kind; or else we'll tear your fucking throat out and burn the place down). So note that it can be a little "Wild West", as Discord servers and other live chat things go. Still, we care about content, so flag things you find shitty and we'll take action as soon as we can.


On the side, I've kept mention of the Discord off of major channels, because I always fear of it getting beyond our control to handle/moderate; but the people who have been regulars on it for a year are all good folk - from what I can see - and thus placated those fears a little.

Still: As always, be kind to each other.

(seeding words to help others find the link: Ryuutama, Tenra Bansho Zero, Shinobigami, Discord)

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