Blast from the Past: A J-RPG Discussion Blog Archive...

Long before Hiroba, even before publishing Ryuutama and Tenra, I ran this super super small community about J-RPGs. I ended up shuttering it, and thought at one point that I actually purged the database (which may happen at some later data; nothing lasts forever).

Turns out that it was still on, and not deleted! It's basically an archive of some 30+ threads about various RPGs that were relevant about 9 years ago, but some of them still have life now.

If you want to explore various J-RPGs, feel free to skim it here:


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    This was an amusing read to me as all of it seems to be from around the time I first started to get excited about JRPG's. I'm surpised scanning through it that I didn't find very much on Tenra! Granted I know it came out in Japan in the late 90's so it wouldn't really be hot stuff for those that can read it...

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