First Migration Wave: Tenra Bansho Zero

Hey TBZ folks: G+ is shuttering, and the TBZ community there along with it. TBZ is in a more precarious position: Not sure why, but the TBZ community has been blazing with Indonesian spam accounts (perhaps "Tenra" or "Bansho" means something in Malay/Indonesian?). With G+'s spam protection no longer protecting us as much, we're moving to shutter that one first (followed by Ryuutama and Shinobigami in the next few months).

Soon, we'll be posting community guidelines/rules, statement, etc. But for now, know this:

You can discuss our games anywhere. A lot of folks seem to get solid replies from 's forums, as well as . We also have an official Discord server for light real-time discussion (nothing really lasting, but fun place to spend time). However, we also wanted to have a forum-style place that was fully under our control, for people to post questions about our games, share their campaigns/hacks/house rules with others. So we decided to create a forum here.

I expect this forum to be VERY low activity. You can get email notifications for replies to your posts, new threads and the like, so there's no need to check daily. We're not attempting to create a grand everlasting community of friends, just a place to discuss our games and gaming in Japan in general; particularly for folks not comfortable with other communities.

Over the next few weeks, I want to pull in some of the great discussions and content that was shared at G+ before it shutters. If you want to re-create some of your threads, repost your suggestions/hacks/ideas, or share discussion links to other forums, feel free to do so (cross posting is okay here: For example, you are free to create a new thread that mentions a discussion you created or witnessed elsewhere).

A couple acknowledgements:

1) Anti-Spam Account Approval Process: This forum requires you to post a sentence telling us why you want to join (or to say anything about one of our games). This is a two-step spam prevention system. So it may take a couple hours or up to a day for one of the admins to get a notification and approve your request. Please write something so it's clear you're not a spammer (not just "RPG" or "I liek game" etc); we were so burned by the spam at G+ that we're more aggressive about whacking potential spam.

2) Rules: We'll put together a statement later, but for now know this: Ennui and I are particularly high-strung about recent events in the world and don't have time for bullshit. We want to create a space that's as safe as we can make it. Know that disagreement is fine, and you can come to us (flag a post or send us a message) if you experience or even witness something you think is not cool. However, we have a very hard line against the following:

  • Bullying and Cruelty
  • Racism, Sexism, Able-ism, Cultural Imperialism
  • Shitty Conduct (usually falls under bullying). Treat others as you would want them to treat you. Don't tease or provoke others here, even if you're friends in real life (viewers may not know that).
  • Consistently aggressive behavior/posting

Unlike sites with detailed rules of conducts and punishments (that creative bad actors can carefully use to their advantage), we don't have an objective set punishment per infraction method, we're more subjective. In most cases, if it appears to us there was a misunderstanding, cultural difference (not all posters here are from North America), or other correctable behavior, the usual procedure is this: We'll try to contact you in private with a warning, maybe a friendly discussion about what happened. But If it looks like you're a bad actor, or we see any bullying/cruelty, then the usual procedure is banning you without warning. It's not that hard, it's basically "Don't be an asshole", but with an asterisk: That asterisk says "if it looks like you are doing it by accident, we'll talk to you give you a second chance and definitely give you the benefit of the doubt".

3) Slow Burn: I'll re-iterate, this is meant to be a slower burn forum, not something to be checked several times a day. It's a slow community. So be at peace with the fact that posting will be light, that topics may get old (it doesn't mean that the game lines or their fan communities are "dead"), and so on. We wanted a place for direct and public Q/A and fan content posting primarily, but also keeping an open mind to see what it could grow into. Our goal isn't to rack up users, page views and content, but to be low-overhead high-visibility good game discussion and content.

With that in mind, feel free to register and post here!

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